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June 4, 2011

Yesterday started off a little later than normal. Jordan and I woke up at 10 and were out the door by 10:30 to catch an 11:39 train to the beach.  One hour seems like plenty of time to get to a train station that is less than four miles from our apartment… that is, until you are dealing with the Italian transportation system. However, one hour and three minutes, a creepy guy who was hitting on us, an almost left behind pair of sunglasses, and two buses later, we had arrived. With six minutes to go, we were in a full out sprint toward the front doors of the train station, running through vendors and across lanes of traffic. Finally making it through the doors, we found our train’s information on the screen and headed towards ‘Bin 27.’ We decided that with five minutes to spare, we would kick it into a fast walk unlike any other, zipping past people and whizzing through the crowd.  And as we made our way around the corner to Bin 27, there she was- Our train, creeping along the tracks, leaving us.

Jordan and I have had a lot of close calls this trip. Almost missing our flight to Rome from Paris, almost being late to class on numerous occasions, and almost missing the bus that would get us to our train to Cinque Terre. But every time, we have somehow managed to make it. And yesterday, aside from having to wait an hour for the next train, I think we were more mad that our infamous line: ‘we’re totally fine, we always make it’ line, had totally let us down.

Needless to say, we made it to the beach, found a private little area away from the crowds, spent time with some great girls, and learned our lesson for the day: when in doubt, just run (or just leave earlier… no… that would never happen)

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