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April 4, 2011

This is the month of the big 21st, so in an effort to make the most of the last of the 20th, I am setting goals for myself. In the next 24 days I am determined to [1] learn how to use a dark room, or at least start learning how to use a dark room. Wolf camera is probably sick of me complaining about photos not turning out, so it’s about time I learn for myself. [2] Learn how to use my Diana Camera. It has been sitting on my shelf for one whole year and I have yet to put film in it. [3] Stop dreaming (literally every night) about Skydiving and just do it already. [4] Sit down at a piano and teach myself ‘Home.’ I have been talking about this for a month but lack of a piano isn’t helping my cause. [5] Get advertisers. Visits on here are increasing and it’s about time I make something of this blog. [6] ‘unspoken.’ I totally just pulled that. [7] Clean out my closet. Sell some clothes. Make some money. Save for Italy.

ps. apparently I have a thing for lists these days.
pss. if you can’t tell. i really like the number 7.
Have a wonderful Monday!

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