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Shopping Vintage Ebay

January 19, 2011

I wish I could say that Birmingham had a great selection of vintage stores but unfortunately that is not the case.  However, I can thank ebay for filling the vintage void in my life. There are hundreds of vintage stores on ebay and it can be tedious to come across different stores without a referral from another site.  So, I wanted to share my favorite vintage stores with you and maybe you will fall in love just as much as I have. 

1. Thriftwares. I love this store because there is always such a wide selection.  The prices are never outrageous and the pieces are always in very good condition.  If you happened to see my recent post about my obsession with navajo, you will understand why I wanted to share this Thriftware piece on the blog.

2. Indie Cult Vintage. I love this store for their dresses. The plunging necklines and short hems are exquisite and offer a look that you can’t find just anywhere.  The store also offers a wide variety of furs as well as eye-catching blouses and shorts for the chic and edgy-minded.  Most of their pieces are from the 60s and 80s which is convenient because I would have loved to be a part of either of those decades… and now I can. Kind of.

3. American Archive. If I had to choose three words to describe this stores, they would be: Sweaters, Sequins, and Hobo-chic. I love the variety in this because no matter what mood I am in, I always seem to find something I love. They offer pieces from the 50s-90s and provide thorough information on measurements so that you can be sure the piece will fit before you buy it.

4. Mama Stone Vintage. It is hard to say exactly what the focus is of this store but that is meant to be in the best way possible. I love that I never know exactly what I am going to see when I look at this store because it never seems to disappoint. The prices are usually always reasonable and the quality is superb.


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