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Elevator Ride

January 8, 2011

Entering the new year with five new pieces that I am so excited about.

[Bag] I found the classic brown Chanel bag at Agora, my favorite vintage store in Athens, GA, and it was a deal that I couldn’t let myself pass up. [Earrings] Finally, I got my hands on a pair of feather earrings that I found at Forever 21. I haven’t worn them yet but am convinced that I will find a way to incorporate them. [Jacket] Green is taking over my closet this season, so adding this comfortable (and warm) UO jacket to my wardrobe for the January weather was a no brainer. [Watch] I feel like a real person now that I have a watch to wear. I always said I wanted to wait until I was in the professional world before I bought a watch, but I can honestly say that it feels so nice to have a watch on my wrist instead of pulling out my phone all the time to see what time it is. [Heels] And last but not least, these Michael Kors pumps are my prized possession in my closet at the moment. They are crazy comfortable and I love the sheer fabric and velvet that are incorporated into the straps.

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